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DR6 100% Cotton Unisex Lab Coat

Fit: Classic

The DR6 Unisex Lab Coat carries the same style features as the DR2 Unisex Lab Coat with the difference being in the fabric composition and weight. The DR6 is a little more robust with 260gsm hardwearing fabric and is 100% cotton making it more suited to certain conditions. Find out more
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Description Inspiration Labtex Free Returns Warranty

Dr James value our customer experience. We hope that all our products are made with care and in a professional way. If our items become defective from normal wear, we will replace the garment free of charge under the Dr James Warranty. Examples of possible warranty claims could involve the garment studs, the garment seams, the garment cuffs. If you believe your Dr James product has not lived up its expectations, please email us on info@dr-james.com with your claim and we will process it accordingly.

The DR6 Unisex Lab Coat is similar to the DR2 with the main difference being the fabric. This versatile garment is designed to fit most male and female body shapes with its relaxed and classic design. The fabric weight is 260gsm with a pre-shrunk 100% cotton blend making it robust and durable for any lab, medical or industrial work environment. Its absorbent material offers the user limited protection against non-chemical spills and dust to clothing underneath. The coat length is about knee high based on the average size for a woman in the US of 5'4" and just above the knee for the average male size of 5'9". The DR2 has 3 pockets. 2 hip pockets and one chest pocket with pen holder providing ample room for carrying all necessary elements. It also boasts 2 entry slits on the side of the lab coat to allow the user easy access to clothing underneath. The garment closes over with concealed studs making it easier for quick closure and release. Suitable for wash of up to 60 degrees. Low shrinkage.
The DR6 Unisex Lab Coat takes its inspiration from The Royal Society Lab Coat, the UK’s national academy of science, where Sir Alexander Fleming was elected fellow in 1943. The Scottish-born biologist, is revered for defining new horizons for modern antibiotics with his discoveries of enzyme lysozyme in 1921, and the antibiotic substance penicillin in 1928. In November 1921, Fleming unintentionally discovered lysozyme, a mildly antiseptic enzyme present in body fluids. While nursing a cold, a drop of mucus dripped from his nose onto a culture of bacteria. Believing this may have some kind of effect on bacterial growth, he mixed it in. A few weeks later, he returned to look and the culture of bacteria and discovered the bacteria had been completely dissolved. Although turning out to have no effect on the most destructive bacteria, Fleming’s first great discovery contributed significantly to human immune system research. Fleming’s discovery of penicillin was just as unintentional. In September 1928, Fleming returned to his laboratory after a month away and noticed that a culture of Staphylococcus aureus he had accidentally left out had become contaminated with a mold (later identified as Penicillium notatum). He discovered that the colonies of staphylococci surrounding this mould had been destroyed. Believing he had found an enzyme more powerful than lysozyme, Fleming investigated further; discovering it wasn’t an enzyme at all, but one of the world's first antibiotics. Fleming recruited two young research to attempt to stabilize and purify penicillin. Unfortunately, they failed but Fleming pointed out that it had clinical potential in both topical and injectable forms. Howard Florey and his co-worker, Ernst Chain of the University of Oxford were quick to follow up on Fleming's discovery. Managing to isolate and purify penicillin, the antibiotic came into use during World War II, revolutionizing battlefield medicine and infection control. In 1944, Fleming was knighted and the following year; Fleming, Chain and Florey shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

All Dr. James garments are manufactured with our hardwearing industrial grade LABTEX fabric. It's versatile structure make it suitable for almost all lab, medical and industrial work environments. It's absorbent material and soft but durable finish, offers the user limited protection against non-chemical spills and dust to clothing underneath. LABTEX fabric is available in both 65/35 polycotton and 100% cotton. Please select the correct composition suitable when shopping our boutique collection.

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